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lucky number 17

hi!!!!!!! when you're reading this it's my seventeenth birthday! exciting! crazy! scary! it only hit me recently—as in probably a few days ago—that my birthday was coming up so quickly, so naturally i had to reunite with you all on this cute little platform. this blog feels like my safespot, i love it. i could say anything without worry because i know the people who came to read it genuinely came to read it, you know?

anyway i truly love growing up, but there's a part of me that is already reminiscent because i feel like i've spent my whole life waiting to be 16 and it's already over. (yes, this was probably partially due to the months of my 16th year i spent quarantined with the same routine for dayzzzz, but besides the point)

idk. maybe it's the sappiness of lizzy mcalpine's new ep that i'm listening to, or the fact that it's past my bedtime, but i'm feeling nastolgiccccc.

so let's get into it: your unspoken promise of a birthday blog post to reflect on the last 365 days or so.

okay not to be that bitch who claims they've grown a lot over the last year through quarantine and all that but....... that's me, girl! seriously, i have worked A LOT on myself and my mindset and my relationships and priorities etc. and i'm very proud of how far i have come ;')

obviously any kind of growth is not linear whatsoever, but i have learned a lot regardless and i think it's safe to say i can happily compare myself today to myself a year ago (but don't do that, comparison kills. we're here to appreciate and be grateful for how far we've come not to degrade mia a year ago. she was still a queen, just a queen who needed a little more work and i KNOW i still have a long ways to go).

i spent a lotttt of my younger childhood years dreaming about the day i would be sixteen and as cool as my friends' older sisters that i carpooled with. so congratulations mini mia, you made it. and more i think? i like to imagine that that same version of me would want to be my best friend as much as i wanted to be best friends with maddie zeigler or whichever dancer i looked up to at the time.

i feel like my fashion has slowly been evolving, and i'm definitely more confident and comfortable in wearing what i actually want to wear. i'm just gonna start listing things off here because this would be pages long if i tried to format this like an essay with grammar and all that (sorry ms. darcey you're my favorite, but i can't english at this hour)

  • i've read more in the last few months than i've read in practically the last five years combined

  • i can play guitar and piano in addition to my beloved ukulele

  • i've created a (somewhat) solid night routine to end off every day, because you and i both deserve some self care—yes that includes staying off social media and allowing yourself to be alone with your thoughts. scary, i know. again, growth is not linear my friend

  • OH i learned how much more there is to life than the little bubble i was living in, and still am partially stuck in, but moral of the story is that i'm slowly inching my way out into this big wide world

  • i'm trying to learn to be a better friend and i think i've been achieving it?

okay you get it.

WAIT- BIGGEST LESSON / ACHIEVEMENT: gratitude is key! recognizing the privileges in life, big and small, literally solves all your life problems. changing your mindset from—for example—"i hate school, what's the point of doing this homework when i'm not planning on being a scientist in the future anyway"... changing your perspective to "i'm very fortunate to have access to a good education and to continue learning through amazing technology in a virtual environment". life changing. but againnnnnnn i'm in no way saying i don't fall back into trends or habits of a more negative self talk, just saying a mindset set with the intention of gratitude will make you a happier person. it's literally been researched and all that, you can go look for yourself.

wow can you tell i've been going to therapy? speaking of... also life changing in certain aspects. speaking speaking of, let's talk about mental health more instead of pretending we're okay to avoid small talk? thanks bae.

anyway, that's enough from me on this end. this post wasn't as in depth as my 15 going on 16 post—omg here's me singing "i am sixteen, going on seventeen" for the last time while it's still true—but i hope you enjoyed that little spiel, hope you're doing well. time to continue my extravagant planning for my nonexistent birthday party. i already bought a tiara and candles, currently on the hunt for a cute ass outfit—oh and let's not forget the balloons. hey, if i can't go all out in the sense of having a bunch of friends over or going to dinner, i'm gonna go all out in other means.

okay let's talk soon!

seriously if you're reading this text me rn... you think i'm kidding? girl i miss you just say hey, let's catch up!

have the best day!!!


mia mag <3

p.s. yes, seventeen is my lucky number



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