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"it's almost the future"

hi! it's been a minute, or 1,005,829 to be exact.

this feels like i'm saying hi to an old friend or something, it's weird.

what's up? how've you been? i've missed you!

recently i've been very much obsessed with instagram 'bad influencer', indy blue. i'm actually wearing my "it's almost the future" crewneck as we speak. if you don't know who she is already 1. have you been living under a rock? and 2. please go watch all of her videos and read all of her blog posts, they are life. changing. besides the point, as i mentioned indy has this blog that she occasionally updates with what's going on in her life, and it's magical to say the least. let me tell you this is not your average young mom from utah posting about her family while her newborn baby is sleeping blog, NO. indy writes in such an effortless way, that i won't even begin to try to explain to you (mostly because i already have a few times and i just can't describe it for the life of me) so instead i'll just link her most recent post here so you can read it and get what i'm saying. basically every post of hers feels like a synopsis of the best coming of age movie ever, and when you finish reading one you'll feel like you're walking out of the movie theater and ready to take on your own Hero's Journey (shoutout every high school english teacher ever).

anyways, my point here is that indy has not only inspired me to live my best life ever every single day in every single way, butttt also to pull this little thing off of the dusty old shelf it was sitting on and write again.


as many of you probably know, i am fifteen years old and going on sixteen very soon. typing that it seems like such a small thing to dwell about, but it's the little things, right? ever since i was really young, i couldn't wait to be fifteen years old. not sixteen, not eighteen, not twenty-one, but fifteen. i can't really tell you why besides the fact that every disney channel original movie i watched had a young girl with big dreams just like me, and probably had a crush on this dreamboat also just like me. long story short, i wanted to be just like that girl.

recently i thought about the fact that my dream year was almost over and started to do some reflecting. did i really live up to what was supposed to be the best 365 days of my life? (well, at least according to my high school musical obsessed younger self that is)

so sit back, relax, or just skip this part and enjoy the rest of your day ;) wherever this leads you, i hope you like it.


may 2019. i was in the middle of a pretty good first track season. i spent my weekends going from high school to high school watching and racing against the fastest people in the county. this was a time when i finally found a sport that i loved with all my heart, and it was the best feeling ever. my team became my family, and one that i miss very much right now might i add, so thank you coronavirus! it's ok though, things could always be much worse ;)

about a week after i turned fifteen, i went to go see the strokes in LA with my dad. it was such a surreal moment to be at the concert of a band that my dad had introduced to me, and with my dad. i was very excited to say the least.

the rest of the month was spent with a trip to disneyland (which my family has visited many

times between now and then), and a trip to palm springs (another place we visited again throughout the year). what can i say? my family loves it there, and will take advantage of any given three day weekend to plan a trip to the desert. on this specific trip to palm springs, i drew a lot of little doodles in my free time, and when i got back home i drew what would eventually be a hoodie that i sold a few weeks later.

june! at the top of the month, i got back some very cute film pictures from our recent trip & continued shooting on lots and lots of film throughout the year & still do.

let's see... school ended, summer began, i went to my first ever movie premiere for my friend's brother's movie (shoutout emma ily), OOH this this was when i became obsessed with devon lee carlson. devon is another person i 10/10 recommend you go check out, whether it be her vlogs (which are my favorite to watch), just scrolling through her instagram, or reading an interview of hers, do yourself a favor and check her out.

later, my family took another trip to palm springs, ventured out to this cute 80's themed restaurant multiple times, and spent lots of time in the pool, it was great.

july! oh would you look at that, disney. ok what's new? omg this was when my hoodies started arriving to everyone's houses!!! all my friends were sending me pics of them wearing MY hoodie, it was the greatest feeling, and soso exciting (and still is anytime i see someone wearing it).

the day my hoodie finally arrived, i had a photoshoot with my dear friend katy, which is

always fun. then a couple days later, i saw billie eilish for the second time with another one of my friends, sydney, and billie was bigger and better than when i saw her in november the year before. sydney and i actually met at the first billie concert i went to, and billie had grown to become one of the biggest artists in the world between the two shows.

the rest of my july was pretty chill. walks to the park every week with my brothers, a trip to the orthodontist, sleepovers, the whole shebang.

to wrap up the month and start the next, my family flew to hawaii for our summer vacation trip. my mom used to live on oahu, so it's always fun visiting her hometown and seeing family friends.

august! we got back home from another great trip, and kicked off the month with my mom's

annual summer work party. we got to visit her office, play some games, and i got my face painted with some pretty sick cheetah print.

a couple days later, i went to see one of my old friends play the lead role in a musical she was in (which she absolutely killed and to this day still amazes me over her performance).

sometime in this month was also when my grandparents drove down to drop off what is now my car which i named freddy (short for fredrick). he's a 2006 highlander, and pretty cute if you ask me. i mean afterall, he does still have a cassette player and that's pretty hard to beat.

august was coming to an end, which also meant school was about to begin. we had registration, i went shopping for my first day outfit, and then came my first day of sophomore year. to finish off the month correctly, a few of my family members and i took a trip to new york (as one does at the beginning of the school year), and i think it was one of my favorite trips so far. there, i bought my favorite t-shirt ever, met colleen ballinger, and got to see the camp exhibit at the met which was pretty cool.

september! who woulda thought? another trip to disney, this time with maggie. not much else happened this month besides me buying my beautiful, beloved homecoming dress, and going to still woozy with jadyn!

october! this is a pretty serious month in my family, because when it comes to halloween, we do not mess around. we had our annual halloween photoshoot (this year's theme was peter pan), and my second homecoming week began. if you don't know, i vlog my school's hoco spirit

week every year, and it's one of my favorite weeks ever. i participated a bunch more just in general this year and helped build our hoco float, dressed up everyday, and of course went to the hoco football game. then the day finally came. fresh nails, fresh cuts, you name it, everyone cleaned up for the dance and well this is usually the most fun part. ellie and i got ready together (peep the vlog) and had the time of our lives. oh and not to mention took some very cute pictures as well. then the actual dance part of the night came and it was one to remember for sure. to give you a little insight, people were getting kicked out before i even made it into the gym, and multiple fights broke out, but hey! there was free ice cream!

about a week later, i went to a tyler, the creator concert, and man does he put on a good show. to wrap up october, my infamous homecoming film finally came in, and it was like christmas morning came two months early. then, ellie and i had a three day sleepover, i went to my first high school party, and my family brought out the twenty-something carved pumpkins for halloween night.

november! again another pretty uneventful month. the most exciting thing i did was probably get my nails done. lmao.

december! i spent the month decorating some sugar cookies, eating way too many of them, and of course watching christmas movies. about a week in, jadyn and i reunited for a spontaneous

regrettes concert in the middle of my favorite mall ever. the following week, i got my permit and drove for the first time!!! it's scary out there in those empty school parking lots, let me tell you.

towards the end of december, i went to my school's dance concert (where the young mia inside me saw her dreams being played out on stage for one night), and our christmas break began!

by this time everything went by so fast. christmas eve, christmas day, my dad's birthday, and then my mom and i were off to new york for the second time that year (which i'll never ever take for granted, trust me)! i'll save you the reading and just direct you to my instagram for some city pictures, but mostly just for the self promo ;).

january baby! aka 2020?! started with another photoshoot with katy (my favorite one so far i think), and a trip to the beach a few days later. ooh! this was when i started brainstorming ideas for my interview page ( and knocked out my first interview with ellie. then, i reunited with my girl jadyn and watched little women for the second time.

oh- and another trip to disney on the thirty-first.

february! reunited with jadyn again at nothing but another concert! this time we went to go see zack villere, and we both copped some cute sweatpants. there, i pitched an interview to jadyn, and a few weeks later, kindred spirits was out in the world!

to promote it, katy and i reconnected for another photoshoot (of course), and a couple days later the fam took another quick trip to disney (just to make sure nothing had changed since the last time we were there).

march! (we're almost done, i promise) my obsession with indy blue reallllly started this month, well pretty much as soon as she had her baby in january (but march was when she started posting with him lots).

so everything was doing fine and dandy, and then our dear friend coronavirus came for a cute little visit. one week we were at school, the next week we were sent home, my family was buying a puppy, and online school was up and running. my baby ringo is pretty much the only exciting thing that's happened since then, but i'm not complaining.

april! we're (still) in quarantine, and like i said ringo is keeping me busy. however, i've tried to stay productive in other ways too, so i've been working on interviews for kindred spirits, making art, and unarchiving this thing!

what. a. year! i can't imagine what i would think if i told myself everything i've accomplished in twelve months.


so now that i'm sitting here and looking back at it, maybe this has been one of my best years yet. from selling hoodies to launching an interview page to making to best out of my time in quarantine, and it's all gone by so fast. but if i were to say anything to fourteen going on fifteen year old mia about what's to come, i would probably tell her, to slow down because "it's almost the future".


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