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Building Up Your Closet

Welcome {back} to Mia Lorelei Mag!

With the holidays coming up, we all can save aside some extra money, and buying a lot of similar clothes won't help. This week's issue will feature how I personally like to look at fashion, and a few of my tips for styling.

but first here are a few of my favorite songs this week...

* sweet pea, amos lee

* pulling leaves off trees, wallows

* bloom, the paper kites

p.s. bloom songs really cool with headphones on

Now onto the fashion...

Before we get onto the tips, I'd just like to remind you to make sure you look confident in whatever you're wearing. Whether that's sweatpants, or your brand new chucks, be confident!


The first tip I have for you is to remember not to buy the same striped shirt over and over. When you're out shopping, try to look for things you don't have in your closet yet, or statement pieces that can complete your outfit.

Expanding on statement pieces, don't be afraid to buy a bold red jacket, or any piece of clothing that's more outside of your comfort zone. Be careful how you style these pieces though, because the way you put together an outfit can make or break it.

One common thing people tend to do is underestimate clothing from stores like target, old navy, and gap. Although it seems like you would only find clothes for adults, you can find really cute clothes for pretty cheap. For example, target just released a new clothing line with cuter clothes, and they have stepped up their shoe game majorly in the past couple of months.

A trend that most people are really loving right now are striped pants. You can practically pair them with anything if you get a cute pair. For example, you could wear a basic graphic tee with a knot, and bottoms from the store of your choice.

The shirt I have on in the picture is from forever 21, my pants are from old navy, and I put on vans for this outfit.

Lastly, one of my favorite things to do is to add pins to any jacket or any bag that I have with me, just to add my own personal touch.

That's all I have for you for this week, I hope you had a great thanksgiving, and happy holidays!

- Mia Lorelei :)


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