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Happy Wednesday!

Just because it's not summer anymore doesn't mean you can't go on little adventures on the days you have off. This week's issue will talk about a couple of places you can visit in Southern California.

but first here's this week's list:

the list no. 3 ~ jams

* heavy metal drummer, yankee hotel foxtrot

* someone that you love (feat. olivia nelson), jarreau vandal

* no matter what, little monarch

* miss you, young franco

* firefly (feat. nao), mura masa

the list no. 3 includes songs from a bunch of different artists that mix great together.

catch the list on:

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1. Download the Spotify app

2. Hit the 'Search' icon on the bottom of your screen

3. Press the camera icon on the top right of your screen

4. Scan the image on your computer screen that reads 'the list no. 2' or screenshot the picture and upload it the same way

1. Wonderspaces

Catch Wonderspaces before the exhibit before it leaves on the 27th!! Wonderspaces has a whole bunch of photo oppurtunities, and awesome hands on activities. The art pieces featured at the exhibit have powerful meanings, but modern which keeps you engaged.

2. La Jolla

All over La Jolla is hidden art in areas including parking lots and sides of random buildings. You can also keep an eye out for La Jolla secret swings that have cute messages and are a great place to sit and snap a pic with your friends. If you happen to need a snack, Square Bar Cafe is a great place to stop by.

3. Seaport Village & Downtown San Diego

Seaport Village is a little area of DT San Diego that is full of cute little shops and restaurants. It's also right by the water so you can enjoy a nice sea breeze, or even hop on a SD Seal Tour boat. Not too far are streets full of shops that you can walk around including Urban Outfitters.


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