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Happy Wednesday!!

This week's issue is going to be all about coming up with plans and following through with them. These could be plans to make a website, or just plans to go out with your friends.

but before we get into that here's this week's list:

the list no. 1 ~ indie roctronic

* streems, the symposium

* cheapest flight, prep

* draem girl, no vacation

* get in my car, BRONCHO

* soma (live in iceland), the strokes

a combination between indie, indie rock, and electronic music all in one playlist.

catch this the list no. 1 on

When you're making plans, a great way to stay motivated is to remind yourself to follow through by using different tools like the reminder app on most people's phones, or by using sticky notes and posting them around where you know you'll see them.

Don't be afraid of sharing any ideas you have, any idea is a great idea! Even if you think other people won't enjoy them, you'll never know until you actually spread the word. For example, this website started out as just a google doc to myself not that long ago. Look how far it's come! All you need is a little motivation, and a couple supporters to follow you along the way. As long as you make and put in the time and effort for things you're passionate about, anything is possible. Just remember to take baby steps, and keep in mind that it takes time for things to grow and turn out the way you like them.

If you're wanting to start a website like I have, a great way to get into it is by first writing out ideas of what you want your website to be about. This goes for any plans you have, writing things down and brainstorming is always good. After thinking about what I'd brainstormed, I finally showed it to a couple of my friends, and displayed my website in the making to a couple people, and they loved it! After a couple weeks I decided I wanted to make it bigger, so I explored different ways to expand my articles and looked at many different other projects by other people for inspiration, and finally came to .

Wix is a great place to start exploring how you want your website to look like because it's super easy to use, and free! If you're wanting to make a website, an easy and great way to expand your brand is by sharing it on social media. You can link all your accounts to the website, which helps spread the word to all your followers. Also, if you were really wanting to make a brand out of Wix, it lets you manage your own store on the website!

I hope you enjoyed this week's issue, and I hope you're having a great summer!

- Mia Lorelei :)

p.s. before I had Mia Lorelei in mind as the name of my brand, it was originally called ethereal magazine, and a couple of my brainstorming papers are pictured above.


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