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hello my favorite people ;')

it has indeed been practically a whole year since the last time i posted here again, and i am well aware of it. really thought i was off on a running start last time, but we're here now and that's all that matters.

i spent all day yesterday watching tv with my cousin and then after all the tv we watched i thought it was a good idea to watch the 2 hour and 20 minute billie eilish documentary - which i will say is 10000% worth it every time - and then after that i spent 2 more hours on the phone with a friend. long story short my head, was hurrrrrting and today all i feel like doing is laying down in bed and doing nothing.

instead i'm writing this, but my point here is that i have the perfect playlist to lay in your bed and do nothing all day to and i'm gonna share a few of my favs off of it ;')))

quick detour and backstory, when i first started this blog - and before it was an actual website - i used to release a curated playlist every week, "the list", with five songs that all went together perfectly from the end of one song to the start of another. she even went as far as to create a spotify account just so i could put that week's "list" on both of the most popular music listening platforms - we're all inclusive here.

anyway, i'm bringing back some playlists for those who care to listen. music is my absolute favorite thing in the entire world and i'm not sure how people function without it on a daily basis.

hope you enjoy!!!!!!!


weird fishes / arpeggi - radiohead

in my head - bedroom

dimeback - mk.gee

high - slow pulp

strawberry privilege - yves tumor

down the line - beach fossils

call it fate, call it karma - the strokes

sweetest thing on this side of heaven - papa bear & his cubs

+ more

okay talk soon!


mia mag

p.s. it's my newest playlist so there's only a few songs but hope you find something in what's there so far.



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