Best Month to Binge

October 25, 2017



Happy Wednesday!!


This week's issue is going to be featuring all the best shows and movies to watch on a night in this month! After all, October is packed full of hit TV series.


but first here's the next list...


the list no. 6 ~


* blue coupe, twin peaks

* beauty girl, jye

* disorder, joy division

* good morning, ralph castelli

* my heart's in the right place, lake street dive


you can catch the list on:

Apple Music~



for those of you with Apple Music, be sure to check out my account @mialorelei which is full of all of my playlists, and favorite songs.



1. Stranger Things

If you haven't already caught up with season 1 of Stranger Things, do it now! Season 2 comes out on October 27th.


2. Riverdale

The first 8 episodes of Riverdale are on Netflix, but if you want to watch season 2 live, it can be found on the CW 8/7c.


3. How I Met Your Mother

Go watch one of my favorite sitcoms before it's taken off of Netflix on November 13th! 


4. Can't Buy Me Love

This is one of my favorite 80s movies, and luckily you can watch it on multiple platforms including Netflix, and Amazon Prime.


5. Friends

In case you haven't caught up on everyone's favorite group of friends, go watch this show to see what you've missed.



On a different note, I had a Halloween photo shoot this weekend, and I thought I'd share a few of the pics on here.






I hope you've had a great October, and an amazing fall season. Sorry for such big breaks I between each post, I've been busy with school. Stay tuned for more on MiaLorelei, and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss a beat!


- Mia Lorelei :)


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