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Happy Wednesday!

This week's issue will be all about organization. It will include different tips and tricks that can help you through your 2017-2018 school year.

but first here's this week's list:

the list no. 4 ~ fav summer songs

* another sad love song, khalid

* malibu, miley cyrus

* slow hands, niall horan

* why, sabrina carpenter

* sorry not sorry, demi lovato (explicit)

this playlist is for all my pop peeps out there, so turn up the volume. roll down the windows, and enjoy your favorite summer hits.

catch the list no. 4 on

spotify ~

Want an easy way to reach the playlist? Follow the next steps.

Listen to my Spotify Playlist by following these simple steps:

1. Download the Spotify app

2. Hit the 'Search' icon on the bottom of your screen

3. Press the camera icon on the top right of your screen

4. Scan the image on your computer screen that reads 'the list no. 4' or screenshot the picture and upload it the same way

After being in summer mode I think we all have a little struggle to get back into our school organization. In this week's issue, I'll be giving you my best tips to stay neat for back to school.

The first tip I have for you is to start by writing down your plans. These plans can be anything from what you want to wear the next day, or when your friend's graduation is. To keep your brain extra focused, color coat! Color coating is fun and helps separate different tasks you have written down. For example, you can write in a different color for each different subject you have homework in.

Another helpful trick I have is for when you have to give a speech in front of a new class. A way to keep track of where you are in a speech is to highlight each key point in a different color for each note card. Of course you could make bullet points, but highlighting the key points in different colors helps you not repeat the same bullet without having to read your whole note card before realizing what you last said.

One last helpful tip that I have for you is to get ready for school the day before so you don't have to do much the next day. Let me know if any of these tips helped you, or if you decided to use any of these to help you get organized this year.

I hope you've enjoyed my MLM Issues, email me at for any ideas you have for upcoming topics.

- Mia Lorelei :)


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